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On an annual basis, ASF publishes Scandinavian Review magazine, Scan newsletter, the Annual Report, and The Longboat (Adobe PDF), a newsletter for ASF Fellows and Former Fellows. A directory of the 3,300 American and Scandinavian fellows since 1912 was published in 1998 to commemorate the 85th anniversary of ASF's fellowship and grant program.

ASF's magazine, Scandinavian Review, covers all aspects of life in contemporary Scandinavia with emphasis on areas in which Scandinavian achievement is renowned: art and design, industrial development, commercial, political, economic and social innovation. Leading journalists and writers on both sides of the Atlantic participate in the challenging task of making Scandinavia better known and understood. The magazine offers readers information about the five Nordic countries that is rarely found in the American news media.

Scandinavian Review is a benefit of ASF membership, or you may receive it by subscription. To give you an idea of the magazine's scope, the covers and a sample article from each issue are included and may be also printed.

Summer 2015 Cover

Summer 2015

Here's Looking at You, Kid
(Adobe PDF)


Spring 2015

Currency Events
(Adobe PDF)

Autumn 2014

Uncommon Ground – Iceland: Artists Respond to Place
(Adobe PDF)

Summer 2014

The Life and Culture of the Sámi
(Adobe PDF)

Spring 2014

Iceland’s Saga
(Adobe PDF)

Autumn 2013

Flight of Fantasy
(Adobe PDF)

Summer 2013

Studies in Reverie
(Adobe PDF)

Spring 2013

Echoing the Scream: Andy Warhol Prints After Edvard Munch
(Adobe PDF)

Fall 2012

Finally, a Concert Hall Worthy of Finnish Music
(Adobe PDF)

Summer 2012

Rockwell Kent
(Adobe PDF)

Spring 2012

Centennial Ball
(Adobe PDF)

Fall 2011

Centennial Chronicle Part 3
(Adobe PDF)

Summer 2011

Centennial Chronicle Part 2
(Adobe PDF)

Spring 2011

Centennial Chronicle Part 1
(Adobe PDF)

Fall 2010

Edging Out of Darkness
(Adobe PDF)

Summer 2010

Iceland: The Restless Land
(Adobe PDF)

Spring 2010

The Climate Change Conundrum
(Adobe PDF)

Fall 2009

A Man of Inner and Outer Landscapes (Adobe PDF)

Fall 2008
The Aurora Borealis (Adobe PDF)
Spring 2008
Go Greenland! (Adobe PDF)
Autumn/Winter 2007
Golden Age of Danish Films (Adobe PDF)
Spring/Summer 2007
Akseli Gallen-Kallela (Adobe PDF)
Summer 2006
Grimsey: Iceland's Piece of the Arctic (Adobe PDF)
by Richard J. Litell
Spring 2006
Congratulations King Carl XVI Gustaf (Adobe PDF)
Fall 2005
Bournonville: A Danish Way of Dancing (Adobe PDF)
by William Anthony
Summer 2005
A Treasure in the Ghost Palace (Adobe PDF)
by Richard J. Litell
Spring 2005
A Century of Norwegian Independence (Adobe PDF)
by Ingrid Elam

Scandinavian Review accepts paid advertisements. For rates and contract sheet, please contact the editor at the address above or by e-mail:

Scan is the ASF's quarterly newsletter, published seasonally. Unlike Scandinavian Review to which a person may subscribe independently, the newsletter is available only as a membership benefit to those who join the Foundation. The 12-page newsletter covers the Foundation's activities and cultural programs at Scandinavia House. The “News of Scandinavia” section provides capsule accounts of current events in all five Nordic countries, and the National Calendar lists selected Scandinavian events across the United States.

The ASF's Annual Report provides an overview of all aspects of the ASF's work, with detailed information on activities. It includes listings of all the fellowships and grants, as well as excerpts from the Foundation's annual financial statements. The current issue of the Annual Report covers the period of July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2013, and is available to download here.

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