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The Longboat – News about ASF Fellows

The Longboat

The Longboat has moved to Facebook!  Please join our Facebook group to connect with other fellows, seek advice about travel, post news about what you have been doing, and let us know about your latest publications, performances, and creations.






Previous Longboat News for ASF Fellows was published in annual newsletters. To read about past news about ASF Fellows, download editions here.

Past issues:

The Longboat – 2013-2015 issue (.pdf)
The Longboat – 2012-2013 issue (.pdf)
The Longboat – 2011-2012 issue (.pdf)
The Longboat – 2010-2011 issue (.pdf)
The Longboat – 2009-2010 issue (.pdf)
The Longboat – 2008-2009 issue (.pdf)
The Longboat – 2006-2007 issue (.pdf)
The Longboat – 2004-2005 issue (.pdf)

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