The American-Scandinavian Foundation

Fellowships and Grants for Advanced Study or Research in the USA

Awards for Scandinavians

The American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) offers over $500,000 in funding to Scandinavians to undertake study or research programs (usually at the graduate level) in the United States for up to one year. Candidates for awards are recommended to the ASF by our cooperating organizations. In order to apply submit applications to the appropriate cooperative organization (see below). Awards are made in all fields.


Applicants must be citizens of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden.

Terms of Award

The number and size of awards granted annually varies widely between countries. Contact the ASF’s cooperating organizations for specific information regarding eligibility, award size and application deadlines. The ASF’s Fellowships and Grants Division will be happy to assist with general inquiries.

Cooperating Organizations

The Denmark-America Foundation
Nørregade 7A, 1. tv.
1165 Copenhagen K, Denmark
Web site:

The League of Finnish-American Societies
Mechelininkatu 10A
SF-001 00 Helsinki, Finland
Web site:

The Icelandic-American Society
P.O. Box 320
121 Reykjavík, Iceland
Web site:

The Norway-America Association
Radhusgt. 23B
0158 Oslo, Norway
Web site:

The Sweden-America Foundation
Box 5280
S-102 46 Stockholm, Sweden
Web site:

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