Employment and Other Opportunities in Scandinavia

This page on opportunities in Scandinavia offers information on long-term employment, internships, short-term summer programs, and voluntary work.

With the exception of those having unique, highly sought-after skills, it is difficult for foreigners to secure long-term employment in Scandinavia. As is true in all countries, Scandinavian governments seek to protect the employment opportunities of their citizens, and therefore limit the work possibilities open to foreign citizens.
If you are a member of a professional organization, you might contact the organization’s headquarters for the address of the counterpart organization in the country in which you are interested.

Professional organizations may be aware of the prerequisites and opportunities for employment in foreign countries, or can provide you with useful suggestions on where to obtain this information.
Although a number of U.S. firms have offices in Scandinavia, recruitment is usually made from among the firm’s experienced staff overseas. For a listing of U.S. firms with offices abroad, you can consult:
– Directory of American Firms Operating in foreign Countries Available from UNIWorld Business Publications

Work Permit

It is necessary for you to apply for a work permit before you leave the U.S., and before you can apply for a work permit, you must have written confirmation of a job. Work permits are issued by the Embassy or a Consulate General of the country in question; the length of time required to obtain a work permit varies, and permits are not automatically granted. You are thus advised to check into procedures well in advance of your date of departure.

Other websites to consider

U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Denmark

U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Sweden

For information, contact the appropriate Embassy:

Summer Youth/Student Work Programs

AFS Intercultural Programs

AFS has short- and long-term study/volunteer work programs for high school students and recent high school graduates.

All program participants live with a host family.

—visit website

InterExchange, Inc.

Opportunities available for au-pair work in Norway.

—visit website

Volunteer Work

Council of International Fellowships (CIF)

CIF offers short-term, unpaid opportunities for field work and observation in human services. Available in Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Application deadline is December 1 for April/May assignments.

—visit website

Volunteers for Peace

Volunteers for Peace offers 2-3 week work camps in Scandinavia.

The positions are open to anyone 18 and up. Program costs vary, but include room and board.

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