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The Swedish Institute (SI) has come up with a searchable database of English language programs and courses, which is a good reference guide to start looking for a degree level program in Sweden.

The SI provides useful advice to foreigners living in Sweden and a broad overview of the Swedish higher education system.


A comprehensive resource for information about higher education in Sweden.

The site incorporates a database of English-language degree programs, information about Sweden’s universities as well as practical facts concerning application procedures, scholarships, visas, accommodation and information for learning Swedish as a foreign language.

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The American undergraduate students can receive course credit directly from their institution for their participation in the following programs.

These programs are available to students from any college or university.


Gustavus Adolphus College offers semester or academic year programs in conjunction with the University of Uppsala, Vaxjo University and Mora Folk High School.

Gustavus-University of Uppsala Exchange
Location: University of Uppsala
Dates: Fall or spring semester, or full academic year
Eligibility: For students who have at least a 3.3 GPA
Instruction: In Swedish or English

Gustavus- Linnaeus University
Location: Vaxjö, Linnaeus University
Dates: Fall or Spring Semester or Full Academic Year
Eligibility: Junior or Senior standing at home institution, 3.0 GPA
Instruction: Swedish or English courses in Business, Management, Swedish, Scandinavian Studies, Computer Science, Math, Political Science.

Gustavus-Mora Folk High School Exchange
Location: Mora Folk High School
Dates: Fall or Spring semester
Eligibility: Open to sophomores and juniors who have completed three semesters of college-level Swedish
Instruction: In Swedish. Course topics include ecology, Swedish language & culture, and current politics

For all three programs:
Housing: Varies according to program: dormitories, family stays, apartments
Financial Aid: Contact home institution

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Jönköping International Business School (JIBS)

Jönköping International Business School has courses in Business Administration, Economics, Business Informatics and Commercial Law.

Three main profiles are found throughout JIBS’s activities: Internationalization, Business Renewal, and a focus on Small and Medium Sized Companies/Entrepreneurship.

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School of Education and Communication

The main profiles of the School of Education and Communication are Communication Studies, Special Education, and Computerized Learning.

HLK has bachelor degrees in Primary Level, Lower Secondary Level, Pre-School Teacher Training, as well as Social Science in Disability Studies, Social Science in Media and Communication Studies.

School of Engineering

The School of Engineering in Jönköping is one of the most modern universities in Sweden. Engineering degree programs and courses are conducted in collaboration with the business community, and students enjoy constant insight into the working and entrepreneurial spirit of Small and Medium-sized companies.

Students can choose between Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering

Year Program at University of Örebro

Year Program at University of Örebro
Univerity of Örebro

Subjects include: sociology, modern languages, history, philosophy, business administration, economics, statistics, computer science, information systems, education, social work, political science, psychology, marketing, accounting, Swedish language and culture, and law. Students earn direct NAU credit. Full year or semester placement is available.

For both programs:
Location: Jönköping or Örebro
Dates: Varies
Eligibility: Students must be at least 18 years old and at least a sophomore with a minimum GPA of 2.5. Non-NAU students will be considered matriculating NAU students for the duration of the exchange and will receive credit from NAU for their home university.
Instruction: In English
Credit: Awarded by Northern Arizona University
Housing: Student housing
Financial Aid: Students are eligible to use any financial aid regularly available to them


The State University of New York at Albany offers a semester or year long program for any college student through Göteborg University. Courses are offered in a variety of disciplines including music, economics, business and political science.

Location: Göteborg University
Dates: Check website
Eligibility: Students who have junior or senior standing at time of program with 3.0 GPA
Instruction: In English
Credit: 12-15 credit hours per semester
Housing: University-owned dormitories or apartments
Financial Aid: Check with financial aid office at home institution

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Luleå University Exchange
The State University of New York at Potsdam offers a semester or year long program for any college student through Luleå University. Courses are offered in a variety of disciplines including music, economics, business and political science.

Location: Luleå University; music school in Piteå
Dates: Check website
Eligibility: Students who have junior or senior standing at time of program with a GPA of 2.5 and above may apply.
Instruction: In English
Credit: 12-15 credit hours per semester
Housing: Students live in modern residences, normally in single rooms but may share a room to economize. Many rooms have kitchenettes and private toilet and bathrooms.
Financial Aid: Standard financial aid applies; small competitive scholarships are available

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Year Abroad at Uppsala University or Linköping University

Through the University of Massachusetts, students may participate in one semester or a full academic year at Uppsala or Linköping. Two different programs are offered. A program conducted in Swedish consists of courses in Scandinavian studies, Swedish, Danish or Norwegian language classes, Scandinavian history, modern Scandinavian literature, and political and social structure. An English program offers courses in Swedish culture and society, as well as in politics, economics, environmental history, human resources development, and folk development education.

Location: Uppsala University or Linköping University
Dates: Check website
Eligibility: Good academic standing (minimum 2.8 GPA); 12 credits of Swedish for enrollment in the Swedish program
Instruction: In Swedish for the Swedish program, in English for the English program
Credit: Contact home institution
Housing: Single student rooms with shared living room and kitchen
Financial Aid: None

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Year Abroad at Uppsala University

In addition to a full curriculum of courses taught in Swedish, Uppsala University has a variety of offerings in English. Through the University of Miami, students may participate in one semester or a full academic year at Uppsala. In the fall, the Swedish Culture and Society Program offers courses in culture, history, political science, and literature. In the spring, students have the opportunity to specialize in their particular area of interest or take part in the Peace and Conflict Studies Program. Intensive Swedish is available from beginning to advanced levels during both semesters.

Location: Uppsala University
Dates: Check website
Eligibility: Juniors with minimum college 3.0 GPA
Instruction: In English and Swedish. No previous knowledge of Swedish required
Credit: 12-18 undergraduate per semester
Housing: Participants live in a self-contained unit within Uppsala University’s residential system, with its own living and eating facilities.
Financial Aid: Details available from the University of Miami International Education and Exchange Programs

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Karlstad University

Karlstad University is one of the newest universities in Sweden, founded in 1977. Its modern facilities and technologies attract students from a variety of countries and a wide range of disciplines. Courses available in the Humanities, Media Studies, Social and Economic Sciences, Innovation Management, Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology.

Location: Karlstad, Sweden
Eligibility: Undergraduate students with sophomore status in good academic standing with a grade point average of at least 2.5
Instruction: In English
Credit: 12+ Credits
Housing: Residence halls
Financial Aid: Available on case by case basis
Contact: UND Office of International Programs

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The Swedish Program Consortium

Swedish Program at Stockholm University

A year-long or semester program at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). Course offerings are interdisciplinary, and include Swedish Language; Comparative Public Policy: Europe and the EU; Comparative Public Policy: The Swedish Model in the 21st Century; Modern Swedish Literature; Swedish Crime Novels; Language, Cognition, and Social Behavior; The Psychology of Work; Gender in Swedish Society and Culture; Environmental Economics; Health Care in Sweden and the U.S.; Europe and the World Economy; Crime and Punishment in Sweden and the U.S.; Swedish Film and Television Culture; History of Modern Scandinavian Art and Architecture; Theory and History of Radical Politics. Several direct enrollment courses are also available each semester through SSE — please see website for updated course information.

Location: Stockholm School of Economics, with study trips throughout Stockholm and Sweden
Dates: Check Website
Eligibility: College sophomores, juniors, seniors. Prior knowledge of Swedish is not a prerequisite.
Instruction: In English by Swedish instructors. Students take four courses each semester. A week-long orientation precedes each semester.
Credit: The Swedish Program will issue a “Statement of Grades” specifying four semester hours of credit for each successfully completed course. Transcripts available upon request, through Colby College (School of Record for The Swedish Program).
Housing: Host-family stay or apartment shared with another Program student.

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Folk High School Program

Scandinavian Seminar offers students of all ages the opportunity to study in Sweden through independent internship and study programs. Schools and programs are custom fit to students’ interests and goals. This program may last from one semester up to a full academic year. Choices in study of language and culture, folk arts, traditional dance, environmental studies, outdoor life and deaf culture are available among many others.

Location: Various locations throughout Sweden
Dates: Check website
Eligibility: Varied, students must fill out application to specify what type of experience they are looking for.
Instruction: Varied
Credit: Must be pre-arranged
Financial Aid: Not available

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Folk high schools are unique institutions which offer a wide range of non-traditional and non-academic subjects, as well as more academic coursework.

Tuition is free but there is a small lodging fee. Folk High Schools have a vitally important place in the Swedish public education system, and they remain popular with international students. Courses vary from school to school, but can include art & design, painting, weaving, music, journalism, and political science.

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Instruction in Swedish is arranged by many of the Folk University extension services, including the Folk Universities in Stockholm, Göteborg, Linköping, Lund, Uppsala and Umeå.

Programs are offered both in summer and during the school year. Course duration and costs may vary.

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Learn to speak Swedish as a guest in the home of a certified teacher. The programs are available to students of all ages and all levels and are customized to particular needs of each student. Some programs may run from 15 to 25 hours per week and take place in a typical home setting or in the luxury of 4-star hotel. There are three programs to choose from: learning the standard language in a teacher’s home; the business and specialized vocabulary; and the 5-star luxury. The last two are ideally suited for business executives.

Location: Home or hotel environments
Dates: Ongoing
Eligibility: Available to students of all ages and all levels and is customized to particular needs
Instruction: In English and Norwegian, according to level
Housing: home or hotel
Financial Aid: None

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Language courses arranged by the Swedish Institute in co-operation with various Folk High Schools in Sweden. More information on this program and the link to the application form can be found on the Study in Sweden page of the Swedish government.

Location: Various locations throughout Sweden
Dates: Check website
Eligibility: Minimum 100 hours of previous Swedish instruction
Instruction: In Swedish
Financial Aid: None

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Two 3 week courses in woodwork, textiles, and pottery are open to people of all ages and varying experience. The courses allow for deeper insight into different areas of form for anyone interested in arts and handicrafts.

Location: Färjestaden, in Öland
Dates: Varies
Eligibility: Minimum 17 years of age
Instruction: In Swedish and English. In each 3-week course, time is set aside for drawing and painting.
Credit: N/A
Housing: On site, single or double rooms
Financial Aid: None

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Summer Courses In Swedish
ISU Programs offer two summer sessions in intensive Swedish at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels, 5 classroom hours/day, 4 days/week, giving a total of 60 lecture hours per three-week course. The courses are taught by trained instructors of Swedish as a foreign language. The sessions include excursions and lectures in English on current cultural and societal issues.

Location: Lund
Dates: Check website
Eligibility: Minimum age 18 years.
Instruction: In Swedish (guest lectures in English)
Credit: 1 semester hour credit per week; transfer must be prearranged.
Housing: Student rooms at university dormitory (meals not provided, but kitchen available)
Financial Aid: None

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An international program with participants from 40 countries. The program’s aim is to give students an opportunity to learn Swedish in a Swedish environment, as well as to be exposed to the cultural, political and social life in Sweden through both academic courses and independent lectures. In addition, a special course will be offered for translators and interpreters at the advanced level. Swedish is taught at all levels, from elementary to advanced. Afternoon courses in English: Swedish History; Swedish Film; Swedish Social Institutions, Scandinavian Drama, Swedish Pop Music, Arts in Sweden; Afternoon courses in Swedish: Modern Swedish Literature, Stringberg Literature, The Swedish Welfare State, Truth or Myth?

Location: Uppsala University
Dates: Varies
Eligibility: Minimum 18 years of age, open to secondary school graduates, students and teachers at all levels. For 2 and 6 week sessions, no beginners of Swedish.
Instruction: In English and Swedish. Lectures, language labs, and activities including films, field and study trips, social events, Swedish cooking classes.
Credit: One credit per week for the morning classes in the Swedish language; 3 credits per 4 weeks for the Swedish Studies classes in the afternoon.
Financial Aid: Limited number of partial scholarships available

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Capellagården is a working community and an arts and crafts school, founded by the Swedish designer Carl Malmsten. All instruction is in Swedish and English.
1-3 year courses in Cabinetmaking and furniture design. 1-2 year courses in Textiles or Ceramics: These courses aim to develop the participants’ aesthetic and artistic skills as well as competence for business or industry.

Location: Färjestaden, in Öland
Dates: Check website
Eligibility: Minimum 17 years of age
Instruction: In Swedish and English. In each 3-week course, time is set aside for drawing and painting.
Credit: N/A
Housing: On site, single or double rooms
Financial Aid: None

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Sätergläntan, situated on the northern slope of the “Knippboberget” mountain overlooking Lake Siljan, offers courses in Swedish handicrafts, including weaving, dyeing, textile design, spinning, ironworking and woodworking.

Location: Insjön (near Lake Siljan)
Dates: Check website
Eligibility: Minimum age 16 years, some knowledge of Swedish necessary. A basic background in weaving required for certain courses
Instruction: In Swedish, via lecture and studio work
Housing: Single/double rooms on grounds
Financial Aid: None

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Gotland’s School of Fine Art offers advanced art education, focusing on both traditional and new artistic techniques. Students are given 24-hour access to new, well-equipped premises with studios, workshops, and computer and theory rooms.
The teaching staff consists of well-qualified teachers and highly skilled artists, with guest lectures by professional artists, filmmakers, architects, philosophers, and authors, in lectures and seminars on widely differing subjects from traditional art to current events in the world.

Location: Visby
Dates: Check website
Eligibility: Check website
Instruction: in English.
Housing: Contact the school for information.

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Founded in 1865, Valand is part of Göteborg University and since 1995, part of the Faculty of Arts which includes the Colleges of Music, Theater and Opera, the College of Photography, the College of Film, the College of Design and Handcraft and Literary Composition, Poetry & Prose.

Approximately one hundred students study at Valand and there are two master programs – the five year program in Fine Art and the two year program, Context and Media. Valand also has a two year project based post-graduate education, Konstlab, as well as a doctoral program.
Emphasis is placed on the student’s independent work. With guidance from the school’s professors, students put together individual programs from the school’s choices of courses, lectures, guest teachers and projects.

Location: Göteborg
Dates: Check website
Eligibility: Read the application information. To find out more, contact the school directly.
Instruction: In English.
Housing: Contact the school for housing information.

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Stenebyskolan offers courses on wood, metal and textile. Its courses are divided into vocational and theoretical. One can either join the vocational program or focus on developing practical skills and experience of working with the three media, or one can apply for the courses offered at bachelors and masters level in co-operation with the Göteborg University, which include in addition to experience with the three media, a foundation in the theory of design. In addition to the three major media, the students can find a fourth area of concentration in 3-D animation and artistic creation.

Location: Dals Långed in Dalsland
Dates: Check website
Eligibility/Application Procedure: Anyone who has graduated from upper secondary school or can confirm vocational experience is eligible to apply.
Instruction: In English.
Housing: The Stenebyskolan offers about 40 rooms for dormitory living. In addition, the school can advise visiting students on accommodations in the area.

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The Swedish School of Textiles is the only one of its kind in Sweden. Borås has a long history and tradition in textiles and clothing and is naturally suited to be a center for development, design and commercial promotion of these products. The region around Borås, boasts a substantial part of the total Swedish textile and clothing industry.
The Swedish School of Textiles has a modern textile machine park, laboratories, sewing ateliers, studios for computer design and a series of workshops.

Location: Borås
Dates: Check website
Eligibility/Application Procedure: As an exchange student at the Swedish School of Textiles you need to have studied for a minimum of one year on a higher education level.
Instruction: Mostly in Swedish.
Credits: 20 credits per semester.
Housing: Contact the university for accommodations.

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The Umeå Institute of Design offers professional and international industrial design programs supported by exceptional technical facilities and resources. The Institute is organized within the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Umeå.
There are three specialized two-year programs leading to a Masters degree comprising 80 credits. Each credit represents 1 week of study. The three areas are: Transportation Design, Advanced Product, Design, Interaction Design.

Location: Umeå
Dates: Varies
Eligibility/ Application Procedure: For the application form and procedures, visit their site.
Instruction: In English.
Housing: Arranged through the Institute.

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The School of Arts and Communication at Malmo University is a multidisciplinary research and educational school with two focuses: Design and Culture & Media.

Location: Malmö
Dates: Varies.
Eligibility/ Application Procedure: International students should contact the school for more information.
Instruction: In English.
Housing: Malmö University does not operate its own housing, but suggestions for accommodations are also available.

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The Royal University College of Fine Arts (KKH) is an institution dating back to the 18th century is located on the island Skeppsholmen in Stockholm and is near to the Museum of Modern Art, the National Museum of Fine Art and the Swedish Museum of Architecture.
The college has about 230 students, taught by leading Swedish and foreign artists and architects. KKH offers a five-year Master’s program in fine arts, a project program for active artists (one semester or one academic year), continuing education in architecture or restoration art (one academic year) and courses in art & architecture and fine arts & new media.

Location: Stockholm
Dates: Check website
Eligibility/ Application Procedure: Foreign students who are currently studying at an art institution of higher education abroad or who have just finished an art degree abroad are eligible to apply as guest students. Applicants are accepted after a joint review by all the professors. Between four and five guest students are accepted every year.
Instruction: In English.
Housing: Contact the school for assistance with accommodations.

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Konstfack, founded in 1844, is unique among Swedish art schools in offering arts, craft, design, and art teacher education. The study programs are between three and five years and lead to BA and MA degrees: art teacher training, ceramics & glass, fine arts (photography, painting, sculpture, and curator program), graphic design & illustration, industrial design, interior architecture & furniture design, metal design, textiles. A 2-year curatorial studies program is also offered.
Instruction at Konstfack has more emphasis on workshop and studio-based practical work than on theory. Students are expected to be able to work independently. The curriculum is organized based on a modular plan; students normally concentrate on one course at a time, or work on one project at a time for a number of weeks, before moving on to the next.

Location: Stockholm
Dates: Check website
Eligibility/Application Procedure: International students may apply through their home universities as exchange students or on their own for the full degree program, in which case they are part of the general applicant pool.
Instruction: Swedish and English.
Housing: The University has limited housing and can assist students with additional accommodations, as well.

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The first Folk High Schools in Sweden were established in 1868 and today there are 148 schools all across the country.

Many of them offer programs in the arts and numerous other disciplines.

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