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The Norwegian government maintains an online publication called Study in Norway, which provides a comprehensive overview of all Norwegian universities and colleges,

particularly focusing on courses taught in English and degree programs offered to English speakers.


The website contains academic and practical information about studying, living and working in Norway.

Maintained by The Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education (SIU).


The American undergraduate students can receive course credit directly from their institution for their participation in the following programs.

These programs are available to students from any college or university.


HECUA is an organization of 17 liberal arts colleges, universities and associations dedicated to education for social justice. This unique educational collaboration engages students, faculty and practitioners in learning that generates knowledge and tools for social transformation and community building.

Scandinavian Urban Studies Term (Sust)
The primary goal of this program is to instill an understanding of contemporary Norway, using the acclaimed model of the Norwegian welfare state and the accompanying notions of citizenship as its two major focus points. Understanding how the welfare state evolved and how it is practiced today in the context of an urbanized social democracy are at the core of the program.

Students will get a chance to explore the relationships between the Scandinavian countries and the emerging democracies of Eastern Europe, the European Union, and the rest of the world by meetings with politicians, artists, working people, students and other residents. Students also will have the opportunity of studying the Norwegian language and they will be expected to complete an independent study project. For those students with prior knowledge of Norwegian, the level of instruction will be determined by a placement exam.

Location: Oslo, Norway with field study in Sweden and Denmark.
Dates: Check website
Eligibility: Must have completed 1st year of college. 2.0 GPA or higher (any GPA lower than 2.5 will receive extra evaluation.)
Instruction: Norwegian faculty of the University of Oslo, Blindern Campus – but classes taught in English. Affiliated with the International Summer School.
Credit: 16 semester credits (1 full semester of US college credit)
Housing: International student housing in apartments at the university.
Financial Aid: The Lakselaget Foundation scholarship $1,000; The Sons of Norway Foundation has a King Olav V Norwegian-American Heritage Fund; scholarship from $1,000 – $1,500.

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The Scandinavian Management Perspective

Scandinavian companies are innovators in participatory management techniques and novel forms of corporate organization. The Norwegian School of Management brings that into new focus by offering students an opportunity to study ethics and social responsibility at the Scandinavian companies. The participating students will benefit by taking an inside look at corporate ethics from a “Scandinavian” perspective.

Location:Nydalen, Oslo
Dates: Check website
Eligibility: MSU students of at least sophomore status, in good academic standing with a grade point average of at least 2.5. Students must meet course prerequisites.
Instruction: In English.
Credit: 2.5 credits
Housing: Single-occupancy, furnished accommodations (shared bath)
Financial Aid: MSU students only

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American College of Norway

The UND-American College of Norway program is set in the Oslo Fjord, where you are surrounded by natural beauty of the fjord and forests. Students are able to immerse themselves in the culture of Norway, while taking classes in English. Courses offered include Business, Communication, Computer Science, English, Geology, Government, History, Industrial Technology, Film, Norwegian lanuage, Peace Studies, Psychology and World Religion.

Location: Moss, Norway
Eligibility: Undergraduate students with at least 15 credits in good academic standing with a grade point average of at least 2.5
Instruction: In English
Credit: 12+ Credits
Housing: Dormitory
Financial Aid: Available on case by case basis
Contact: UND Office of International Programs

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BI School of Management

BI Norwegian School of Management exchange program allows students to study at one of Norway’s largest educational institutions, with about 19,000 students. The school’s faculty is well known both domestically and internationally for their research, attracting a diverse student body from many nations. Courses include Information Technology, Management, Financial Economics, International Business Strategy and Marketing.

Location: Oslo, Norway
Eligibility: Undergraduate students with sophomore status in good academic standing with a grade point average of at least 3.0
Instruction: In English
Credit: 12+ Credits
Housing: Dormitory and student apartments
Financial Aid: Available on case by case basis
Contact: UND Office of International Programs

University of Oslo

The University of Oslo is known for the high quality of its research, and is proud to have had two Nobel Prize winners in economics and one each in chemistry and physics. It offers a wide variety of classes taught in English. Students are housed in rooms and apartments near campus and around town. Nestled between the forest and fjord, Oslo boasts a truly incredible number of outdoor recreation options that are only minutes away from downtown. Regular train service to the rest of Scandinavia as well as ferry service to continental Europe provides students with an array of travel opportunities.

Location: Oslo, Norway
Eligibility: Undergraduate students with sophomore status in good academic standing with a grade point average of at least 3.0
Instruction: In English
Credit: 12+ Credits
Housing: Dormitory and student apartments
Financial Aid: Available on case by case basis
Contact: UND Office of International Programs


The State University of New York at Albany offers semester or year-long placements at the University of Bergen. The University of Bergen has an extensive record of international cooperation. It offers courses taught in English in a rich variety of disciplines and subjects, including programs in Scandinavian area studies, communication studies, Norwegian history and politics, Norwegian language and literature, Scandinavian anthropology, geography, and sociology. Students with advanced Norwegian skills may also choose to enroll in regular university courses taught in Norwegian.

Location: University of Bergen
Dates: Check website
Eligibility: Students who have junior or senior standing at time of program with 3.0 GPA
Instruction: In English
Credit: 12-15 credit hours per semester
Housing: University-owned dormitories or apartments
Financial Aid: Check with financial aid office at home institution

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Folk high schools are uniquely Scandinavian institutions that offer not only a variety of non-traditional and non-academic subjects, but also a solid foundation in academic learning. Learning-by-doing is the basic educational philosophy behind the Folk High Schools, and they strive to achieve a balanced combination of hands-on experience within an academic framework.

There are 79 folk high schools in Norway, and about 6,500 students attend these schools every year. Most of the folk high schools have a familiar atmosphere, and some have only 75 to 100 students for 8 to 10 teachers. The level of educational experience varies from school to school.

Location: 78 locations throughout Norway, primarily in rural areas
Dates: Check website
Eligibility: 17 years of age and up; most students are between 18 and 25 years old
Instruction: In Norwegian. Group study within a major subject area with additional electives. Some schools have courses offering Norwegian for foreign students.
Credit: N/A
Housing: All the students live on campus. The schools offer double and single rooms..
Financial Aid: Some scholarships are available through the “Memorial Fund of May 8, 1970.” Applications must be submitted to the Norwegian Embassy by November 1st. Applications are available from the Norwegian embassy or consulates

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Folk School Program

Scandinavian Seminar offers students of all ages the opportunity to study in Norway through independent internship and study programs. Schools and programs are custom fit to students’ interests and goals. This program may last from one semester up to a full academic year. Choices in study of language and culture, folk arts, traditional dance, environmental studies, outdoor life and deaf culture are available among many others.

Location: Various locations throughout Norway
Dates: Check website
Eligibility: Varied, students must fill out application to specify what type of experience they are looking for.
Instruction: Varied
Credit: Must be pre-arranged
Financial Aid: Not available

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The International Language Center offers one-to-one courses in Norwegian for students of all levels. Emphasis is given to the spoken language. The tuition is adjusted to suit the participant’s special needs.

They offer one-to-one Norwegian private tuition lessons for periods of 2, 3 and 4 weeks. They also offer home-stay accommodations, normally in the home of your Norwegian tutor. The courses can start with short notice.

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Learn to speak Norwegian as a guest in the home of a certified teacher. The programs are available to students of all ages and all levels and are customized to particular needs of each student. Some programs may run from 15 to 25 hours per week and take place in a typical home setting or in the luxury of 4-star hotel. There are three programs to choose from: learning the standard language in a teacher’s home; the business and specialized vocabulary; and the 5-star luxury. The last two are ideally suited for business executives.

Location: Home or hotel environments
Dates: Ongoing
Eligibility: Available to students of all ages and all levels and is customized to particular needs
Instruction: In English and Norwegian, according to level
Housing: home or hotel
Financial Aid: None

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Norwegian Language & Culture

The University of Bergen offers a 14 week course in Norwegian language and culture for intermediate and advanced students of Norwegian.

Location: University of Bergen
Dates: Check website
Eligibility: Must be able to understand and communicate in Norwegian
Instruction: In Norwegian. Lectures, seminars, excursions
Credit: Contact home institution
Housing: Student hostel
Financial Aid: 1-2 grants available for American participants

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The ISS offers courses in Norwegian language, Norwegian literature, art history, Scandinavian history, culture and society, politics, international relations and economics. Graduate students and professionals can take courses in special needs education, peace research, international development, and international
community health.

Location: University of Oslo
Dates: Check website
Eligibility: At least 18 years of age and at least one year completion of college/university.
Instruction: In English. Language courses in Norwegian
Credit: Transferable to many institutions in the U.S.; contact home institution
Housing: Student dormitory
Financial Aid: Applicants from North America (USA and Canada) may apply through the ISS North American Branch Office (contact information). Contact the ISS office for a listing of private scholarships or contact the Sons of Norway for additional information.

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Norgesskolen is a three week summer school in Norwegian language and culture for children (ages 9-18) of Norwegian parents or for children that wish to maintain contact with Norway, Norwegian culture and wish to learn about the Norwegian school system. Norgesskolen is run by Nordmanns-Forbundet (The Norse Federation) whose purpose is to maintain contact between Norway, descendants of Norway and friends of Norway abroad.

Locations: The Tomb Agricultural School, south of Oslo in Østfold
Dates: Check website
Instruction: Daily classes on a Norwegian language, history and culture, plus field trips and activities, such as fishing, canoeing and hiking.
Housing: Provided
Financial Aid: Nordmanns-Forbundet will attempt to provide a few stipends in case of need.
Deadline: Contact info@norgesskolen.no

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The Nordic Artists’ Centre furthers international artistic co-operation by offering artists from around the world the opportunity to live and work in a community of other artists with full accommodation provided. The center accepts applications in three categories: regular program, research program and program for groups. The programs encompass not only artists but also researchers and members of creative groups.

Location: Dale i Sunnfjord
Eligibility/Application Procedure: See the website for application information.
Housing: Provided.

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For more than a hundred years, The Norwegian Academy of Music has offered a high quality musical education and today it holds a central position in Norway’s music world. As a university college of about 465 students, the Norwegian Academy of Music is a selective institution that offers both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Not only academic qualifications, but also musical talent must be demonstrated in order to be accepted to this program. Undergraduate courses in other fields are also offered to qualified students, who at the end of a four-year program can receive Norwegian Bachelors’ degree.

Master Degree Studies in Conducting: This two-year program aims to give the students the necessary background to work as a professional choral or orchestral conductor. Applicants should indicate which of these alternatives they wish to give priority to. The program includes subjects like conducting techniques, analysis, instrumentation and piano/score reading etc.
Advanced Studies for Solo Instrumentalists or Chamber Music Ensembles: The aim of the program is to give particularly talented students and ensembles the foundation and practice necessary to become established artists and performers.

Advanced Studies in Composition: The students in the postgraduate Composition program concentrate themselves on developing their individuality as composers. The applicants for this course will be evaluated on their artistic potential, and will have to demonstrate the ability to express themselves with an individual perspective in their work.

Master Degree Studies in Performance: The applicants could choose one of five main areas of study within this program:
1) Chamber music
2) Principal main instrument
3) Improvised music/jazz
4) Accompaniment and chamber music for pianists
5) Music performance with thesis

Location: Oslo
Dates: Check website
Eligibility: Admission to the postgraduate programs requires a completed 3 or 4 year bachelor degree in music and an audition. For foreign applicants from outside the Nordic countries, a videotape of the applicant will be accepted. Please contact the Academy for further details.
Instruction: Classroom instruction in Norwegian, private instruction in English.
Housing: The Academy has no student housing facilities. Foreign students must arrange for private accommodation themselves. They may also apply for accommodation to the Student Union in Oslo (approx. $450-530 per month for single rooms).
Financial Aid: Not available

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Education in Norway’s 78 folk high schools is dialogue-based and experiential. The folk high schools do not grant degrees or conduct exams.

Today’s folk high schools offer a variety of non-traditional and non-academic subjects, as well as some academic subjects; many have programs specifically in the arts. More information can be found under Other Programs section on this page.

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AHO is an autonomous institution within the Norwegian university system and one of the leading schools and research institutions in the fields of architecture, urban and industrial design.
Instruction combines traditional studio-based project work with a conceptual design approach, and gives an introduction to the traditional subjects in architecture, urbanism, landscape architecture, and industrial design.

Location: Oslo
Dates: Varies
Eligibility: Admission to each graduate degree programs requires a relevant degree; see website for details.
Instruction: In Norwegian.
Housing: See website for recommended housing options.

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Versterheim Folk Art Workshops offer workshops in rosemaling, Norwegian woodcarving and knife making techniques. Traditional Norwegian cooking and felting classes are pending. The curriculum involves classroom study and research excursions to holdings of folk art in both museums and private collections. Eight days of study and seven days of travel are included. Offered biennially.

Location: Voss, Norway
Dates: Check website
Eligibility: Must have experience in rosemaling and woodcarving, no prior experience necessary in knife making.
Instruction: In English.
Financial Aid: Not available

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