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Study in Iceland

Academic Year Programs

There are ten academic institutions in Iceland that provide university level education. The University of Iceland is by far the largest, and it offers numerous courses in English for the international exchange students.

You can also look for more information about Iceland on The Icelandic Embassy website.


A site providing information on all higher education institutions in Iceland, as well as practical things to know and do before arriving.

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The American undergraduate students can receive course credit directly from their institution for their participation in the following programs.

These programs are available to students from any college or university.


Semester/Year Abroad at University of Iceland, Reykjavik
Courses are offered in English in the following areas: economics, literature, European studies, geology, geography, international business, philosophy, and political science.

Location: University of Iceland
Eligibility: Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors with minimum college 3.0 GPA
Instruction: In English and Icelandic. No previous knowledge of Icelandic required
Credit: 12-18 undergraduate per semester
Housing: Generally students will share off-campus accommodations with assistance provided by the international office in securing housing.
Financial Aid: Details available from the University of Miami International Education and Exchange Programs

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University of Iceland

The UND-University of Iceland exhange program offers students the opportunity for study in an amazing location. The Univeristy of Iceland was founded in 1911 and today it is the largest employer in Iceland. Some of the unique resources available to students are the manuscript archives of the Arni Magnusson Insitute, Icelandic census records dating from 1703, exceptionally complete genealogical data and extensive climatological, glaciological, seismic and geothermal records. Subjects include Theology, Law, Economics and Business Administration, Humanities and Natural Sciences.

Location: Reykjavik, Iceland
Eligibility: Undergraduate students with sophomore status in good academic standing with a grade point average of at least 2.5
Instruction: In English
Credit: 12+ Credits
Housing: Residence halls
Financial Aid: Available on case by case basis
Contact: UND Office of International Programs

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Language Programs


Intensive courses in Icelandic for foreigners are held in 4-week courses, 5 days a week, all year round. Courses are held 5-6 times per year. Course prices are $490. Housing costs are around $500 for the duration of the course. Food costs: around US $ 25-30 per day. (Or around USD 900 – 1100 per 4 weeks.) Classes are held in small groups, with a maximum of 20 students per group. Classes are taught in English using the school’s own “Interlingual Learning Technique” which makes use of the close relation with other Nordic and Germanic languages, particularly English and works in a new way with the sound system. Email ice@icetrans.is for more information.

Location: Reykjavík
Dates: Various dates depending on which level course you want to take
Instruction: In English and Icelandic. No previous knowledge of Icelandic required
Housing: Available
Financial Aid: Not available

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Summer Programs


Aimed at descendants of Icelandic emigrants from 1870-1914, this six-week program starts in Reykjavík with a two week cultural and educational program. Lectures include: classes in Icelandic, modern Icelandic culture and Icelandic History, with emphasis on the emigrants. During this time the Parliament is visited, as well as several museums and institutes. There is also be a weekend and evening program. A family tree is provided, and participants are given the opportunity to meet their relatives. The next three weeks of the program are held in rural Iceland (different area for each participant depending on where their roots lie). Participants work and take part in every day life in a small Icelandic community, and preferably they stay with Icelandic relatives in the area where their ancestors emigrated from. The final week is spent on an adventure journey visiting natural sights across Iceland. This trip includes white river rafting, horseback riding, a boat tour and more.

Location: Reykjavík and rural areas throughout Iceland
Dates: Check website
Duration: 6 weeks (study tour)
Eligibility: Descendants of Icelandic emigrants, aged 18-28
Instruction: In English and Icelandic. Weeks 3-5 are spent with Icelandic relatives.
Housing: Full room and board will be provided in a guest house for the first two weeks and with families (3 weeks). The last week is a “backpacking” trip, all expenses covered..
Financial Aid: One can apply for $2,000-$3,000 grants from the Snorri Foundation. Grants have also been given by the Canada-Iceland Foundation (Canadians only) and various Icelandic clubs in the US and Canada.

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The Snorri Program has been expanded to include a program for those who find themselves just above the proposed age range for the first program and for those who may be traveling as a couple. The program consists of the same components as the Snorri Program, i.e. nature, culture and genealogy.

Dates: Check website
Eligibility: Descendants of Icelandic emigrants and their spouses, aged approximately 30 and older.
Housing: Accommodation in guesthouses in Reykjavik and Hofsós.

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Summer Course in Icelandic
The University of Iceland, in cooperation with Árni Magnússon Institute of Icelandic Studies, offers a summer course in modern Icelandic language and culture. The course is primarily intended for university students of Icelandic language and culture. It consists of 80 hours of instruction in grammar, language exercises, and text reading, plus 10 lectures on Icelandic culture and modern society. Activities include visits to museums, sightseeing excursion of Reykjavík and field trips to places of historical and geographical interest in the countryside.

Location: Reykjavík
Dates: Check website
Eligibility: Some background in Icelandic is preferable. Applicants may not be permanent residents of Iceland.
Instruction: In Icelandic, with English as the second language of instruction
Credit: 8 credits
Housing: Private homes or apartments with other students
Financial Aid: None

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SIT Iceland: Renewable Energy, Technology, and Resource Economics
The program is divided into three components. In the capital, Reykjavik, students meet with politicians, industry leaders, and social activists to develop their understanding of how Iceland’s energy policy fits into the larger national agenda. In Akureyri, students will study at the School for Renewable Energy Science, a new center associated with the University of Akureyri. There, Icelandic energy specialists, engineers, and geologists teach courses. Students spend the final portion of the program in the remote West Fjords, applying concepts learned to village-scale energy problems. Students visit significant geological and energy sites in northern Iceland.

Location:Reykjavik and Akureyri
Dates: Check website
Eligibility: At least two semesters of college-level work; minimum 2.5 GPA; previous college-level coursework in engineering,
geology, environmental studies, or related fields
Instruction: In Icelandic
Credit: 8 credits
Housing: Rooms in private homes in Reykjavík
Financial Aid: Check website

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Scholarship Exchange in Iceland

Sponsored by the Learning Abroad Center and IRSEP

Location: Reykjavik
Dates: Academic year
Eligibility:UM juniors and above with 2.5 GPA or higher
Instruction: In English and Icelandic by Icelandic faculty
Credit:24-30 credits
Housing:Dorms, apartments, homestays
Financial Aid: Check website

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Arts in Iceland


The Akureyri School of Visual Arts in Akureyri was founded in 1974. The aim of the school is to provide its students with education and training in a wide variety of art subjects.

Location: Akureyri
Eligibility: International students are welcome to study at Akureyri School of Visual Arts as fully-matriculated students or as guest students.
Housing: Contact the school for information.

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The Academy offers degree programs at the Bachelor of Arts level and is comprised of four departments: the Department of Visual Arts, the Department of Drama, the Department of Design and Architecture and the Department of Music. In addition, the Academy offers a Diploma program in Music for young musicians and a certification program in Art Education for artists, designers, and actors.

Location: Reykjavik
Eligibility: Visiting students must be enrolled at an equivalent educational institution. The application form is available on the school’s website.
Housing: Contact the school for information.

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