Fellowships & Grants


Past ASF Translation Prize Winners

Year Name Nationality Translation
1980 Anselm Hollo Finnish poetry by Pentti Saarakoski from Collected Poems (1978) and other works (Toothpaste Press)
Jack Brondum Danish short stories from Complete Freedom (1944) by Tove Ditlevsen (Subsequently published by Curbstone Press, 1982)
1981 Kathlen Osgood Dana Finnish excerpts from the novel Here Beneath the Northern Star (1959-62) by Väino Linna
Lucia Moburg Swedish lyrics from Frida’s Book (1922) by Birger Sjöberg
1982 Kjersti Board Swedish excerpts from The Plough and the Sword (1975), a novel by Theodor Kallifatides
Susanna Nied Danish poem, alfabet, (1981) by Inger Christensen
1983 No award made
1984 Tiina Nunnally Danish excerpts from Childhood (1967), a novel by Tove Ditlevsen (Subsequently published by Seal Press, 1985, under the title, Early Spring)
1985 John F. West Danish excerpts from The Good Hope (1983), a novel by William Heinesen (Faroe Islands) (To be published by New Amsterdam Books, 1991)
1986 Stephen Klass
Leif Sjöberg
Swedish the first 29 poems of Aniara: A Review of Man in Time and Space (1974) by Harri Martinson (To be published by Verkerum in 1991)
1987 Robert Bjork Swedish excerpts from Land of Wooden Gods (1940), a historical trilogy by Jan Fridegård (Subsequently published by the University of Nebraska Press, 1990)
1988 Frankie Shackelford Norwegian excerpt from The Ferry Crossing (1974), a novel in nynorsk by Edvard Hoem (Subsequently published by Garland Publishers, 1990)
1989 Anselm Hollo Finnish excerpt from Selected Poems by Paavo Haavikko (1949-1987) (Subsequently published by Carcanet Press)
1990 Roger Greenwald Norwegian poetry from Through Naked Branches (1946-1970) by Tarjei Vesaas
1991 Erik Thygesen Swedish excerpt from Modus Vivendi, selected prose of Gunnar Ekelöf
1992 Rika Lesser Swedish excerpt from: A Child is Not a Knife: Selected Poems of Göran Sonnevi (Subsequently published by Princeton University Press, 1993)
Aili and Austin Flint Finnish excerpts from: A Congregation of Birds by Marja-Liisa Vartio
1993 Ritva Poom Finnish selected short stories by Raija Siekkinen
Richard Impola Finnish Mathematical Beings by Leena Krohn
1994 Kirsten Seaver Norwegian excerpt from Love’s Comedy, a play by Henrik Ibsen
William Halverson Norwegian The New Water (1987) by Roy Jacobsen (Subsequently published by Peer Gynt Press, 1997)
1995 Sonia Wichmann Finland excerpt from Chitambo, a novel by Hagar Olsson
Roger Greenwald Norwegian selected poems (1980, 1987) by Paal-Helge Haugen (Subsequently published by the Sun & Moon Press, 1997, under the title, Wintering With The Light)
1996 Roger Greenwald Danish selected lyric poems by Pia Tafdrup
Sverre Lyngstad Dano-Nowegian Tired Men (1891) by Arne Garborg Norwegian (Subsequently published by Northwestern University Press, 1999, under the title, Weary Men)
1997 Rose-Marie Oster Swedish The Knivethrower’s Woman, a poem by Kerstin Ekman
Verne Moberg Swedish Aunt Blossom, a play by Kristina Lugn
1998 Thom Satterlee Danish selected poems of Henrik Nordbrandt
Joel Tompkins Swedish selected short stories by Per Olof Sundman
1999 Pétur Knútsson Icelandic selected poems by Árni Ibsen
Anastazia Little Danish selected autobiographical writings of Hans Christian Andersen
2000 Lotta M. Löfgren Swedish selected poems by August Strindberg
Jon Stewart Danish philosophical texts by Johan Ludvig Heiberg
2001 Philip Roughton Icelandic Iceland’s Bell by Halldór Laxness
Patrick Phillips Danish selected poems by Paul la Cour
2002 Rika Lesser Swedish Mozart’s Third Brain by Goran Sönnevi
Stina Katchadourian Swedish selected poems from Tua Forsström’s After Spending a Night among Horses.
2003 Katarina Tucker Swedish Jerusalem’s Night by Sven Delblanc
Britt Tippins Danish Bonsai by Kirsten Thorup
2004 Paul Norlen Swedish A Toast to Your Ashes:The Life of the Poet Bellman from Beginning to End by Ernst Brunner
Ingrid Lansford Danish Love Stories from Many Lands by Meir Aron Goldschmidt.
2005 Marilyn Nelson Danish The Thirteenth Month by Inge Pedersen
Margareta Horiba Swedish The Girl in Tails by Hjalmar Bergman
2006 Victoria Häggblom-Arrias Swedish The Fog of Everything by Bruno K. Öijer
Eva Allison Swedish Splendorville by Ellen Mattson
2007 Michele Simeon Finnish The Position of the Sun by Ranya Paasonen
Naomi Lebowitz Danish Lucky Per by Henrik Pontoppidan
2008 Patrick Phillips Danish Katedral by Henrik Nordbrandt
2009 Tara Chace Norwegian All Children are Made of Fire by Nicolai Houm
Sean Hughes Danish Cars and Animals: Short Stories by Helle Helle
2010 Steven Finney Norwegian Into the Mountain by Ingvar Ambjørnson
2011 Michael Meigs Swedish The Dean by Lars Gustafsson
2012 Martin Aitken Danish Hildegard, by Anne-Lise Marstrand-Jorgensen
Misha Hoekstra Danish You Disappear by Christian Jungersen
2013 Randi Ward Faroese Planks by Tóroddur Poulsen
Sola O’Connell Icelandic selected poems by Gyrðir Elíasson
2014 Jonell Lockhart Kristensen Danish selected poems by Thorkild Bjørnvig
2015 Philip Roughton Icelandic Wayward Heroes by Halldór Laxness
Marcus Bror Cederström Swedish Rain & Thunder by Håkan Lindquist
2016 Barbara Sjoholm Norwegian Clearing Out by Helene Uri
Kara Billey Thordarson Icelandic Stormwarning by Kristín Svava Tómasdóttir
2017 Maija Liisa Mäkinen Finnish Geography of Fear by Anja Snellman
Melissa Bowers Swedish Witness to Meaningless Events by Jasim Mohamed
2018 Kelsi Vanada Swedish Atlantis by Marie Silkeberg
Sherilyn Hellberg Danish Nike by Caspar Eric
2019 Larissa Kyzer Icelandic A First or a Heart by Kristín Eiríksdóttir
Mie Mortensen Danish A Girl and a Boy by Morten Brask
Olivia Lasky Norwegian Watch Over Those Who Sleep by Sigbjørn Skåden
2020 Jennifer Russell and Sophia Hersi Smith Danish All the Birds in the Sky by Rakel Haslund Gjerrild
Alexandra Glynn Finnish Hymns by Anna-Mari Kaskinen
2021 Randi Ward Faroese What good does it do for a person to wake up one morning this side of the new millennium by Kim Simonsen
Hunter Simpson Danish The Land of Short Sentences by Stine Pilgaard
2022 Rachel Willson-Broyles Swedish Mary by Aris Fioretos
Jennifer Kwon Dobbs Sámi Underfoot by Niillaas Holmberg
Wendy Gabrielsen Norwegian Nada by Hanna Stoltenberg