Fellowships & Grants

—Image by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, New York. Image courtesy SOM. © Lucas Blair, SOM

2018 ASF at SOM Grant Recipient

Charles Gårdeman

Charles Gårdeman was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1993. An early childhood dream was to become an inventor. His interest for solving complex problems and creating solutions for a better living environment later sparked his curiosity for architecture.

In 2013, Charles started his studies at KTH School of Architecture. Already from the start he wanted to experience the many different parts of the architecture field. He took a part time job on the side of his studies as a consultant working with store layouts. Later he involved himself in the nonprofit student organization Arkipelago, which sought to bring students and the business community together. He started off as an event manager and became chairman in less than a year.

After his bachelor’s degree from KTH he worked one year as an intern at White Arkitekter, where he developed a deeper interest for complex, large scale structures. This brought him to a semester of architecture studies at UIUC, Illinois, where he focused in sky scrapers. After having returned to KTH to finish his studies, he realized that the urge of going back to the United States and its large-scale architecture was too strong to resist, which made him apply for SOM in less than a year from when he last left the country.

For Charles, his big interest lies in the complex interaction of the many different fields and scales that architecture is built up from. He thrives to constantly develop new skills and is always in search for new experiences that can acquire him deeper knowledge in the field of architecture.